Our service helps companies find more customers, but the website owner can change or delete information about his website at any time.

Our service parses open data through all domains in the world and publishes aggregated public information. If your website is opened for indexing by a search robot and you have published contact details in the public domain, then our robots will automatically collect this data, structure and neatly show it on our website for the convenience of potential customers. You can find out more data on the FAQ page.

We summarize all the useful information found regarding your website (company) on one page and make it easier for your potential customers to contact you. Your site may also appear in the list of "similar websites" when a user is looking through the information about another site. This improves your chances to find new customers for your products or services.

Our robots collect all open data from your website automatically. So, if you change the data on your site, our database will change after a while.

It's very easy to do. You need to add the following text to your robots.txt file:



Disallow: /

The robots.txt file of your (and basically any) site can be checked in the browser by following the link It is not a mandatory component of the website, but it is recommended to have one since it helps the website owner to control search robots.

The robots.txt file tells Bing/Google and other search engine crawlers which pages on your site can be accessed. Use it to limit the number of requests your site receives and thereby reduce the traffic on the site.

After adding the aforesaid lines to the robots.txt file our robots will automatically detect them during the next round of parsing and information about your site will be unavailable. It usually takes ten days.

By building your site and opening it for indexing by search engines (Yandex, Google, Bing, etc.) you are making your resource publicly available. We do not violate any law, do not hack sites or passwords, do not interfere with the site operations, etc. Our robots delicately collect public information, structure and represent it in a user-friendly way. In other words, once the website is created, unless you explicitly specify the opposite, the website is opened for indexing for all search engines by default.