price calculator is a free service. You can make any number of queries and look for new customers. Still, we are a business, too, and as such we are supposed to make money 😀How? The data consolidation and export to Excel feature is not free. The price depends on the amount of data (use the slider on the right to get a quote). Go to the home page, run a search query (e.g., “dental clinics”), review the results, and save the information as an Excel file containing full info about each website found. You can also use off-the-shelf databases (see the menu above).

You pay only when you export your query results. We do not store your bank card details. There are no recurring payments or any other charges. It is a one-off payment for each data export operation.

You should sign in and save your query (e.g., you’ve found all the construction companies). Then in the My Profile section (My Queries menu item) run the data export feature for the previously saved query, and pay for the number of entries you are exporting. After a while (a couple of minutes) your zipped file will be ready for download.

There is little we can do about it. Our service collects only data publicly available on the Internet. We DO NOT hack websites, crack passwords, overload sites, store your personal data, etc. The service is similar to Google/Bing search engines, but we also offer search results consolidation and export to the familiar Microsoft Excel format.

We generate a zipped file containing multiple files in the format suitable for importing into any CRM, or Microsoft Excel. These are CSV text files (comma-separated values) supported by a wide range of applications. For your convenience, we support several export file formats.

Currently, paying by a credit card is the only option. We do not store the card details. The payments are secure and handled by the third-party Paddle service. Paddle is a unified, all-in-one platform, purpose-built for modern SaaS execution making it easy for companies to scale up, compete without boundaries, and always operate with full integrity and compliance. We do not charge regular payments. If for any reason, there is a failure in the data generation, we will return you the money, because we value our business reputation. You will receive a confirmation of payment by e-mail.

Please review the results before paying and downloading. It is very easy: you can view the search results without any restrictions, and it is the information to be exported. No refund is possible after downloading since you’ve already received your digital purchase (the zip file containing the search results). You pay for the data export service and get it. Sure, we provide a full refund to your bank card for any technical issues (e.g., no file is generated, or the file contains errors).

The reason is the time required to generate the output file. The more entries, the longer it takes for the servers to handle them. We recommend narrowing the search query to make sure the results fit into the limit.