On the right side, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the service and ways to use it in your business.

This service allows you to look through 250 million sites on the Internet and to find what you need quickly. And after that you can collect contact details and other information from these sites automatically. Our major purpose - provide a convenient tool to find customers for your business around the world. For example, you can find all medical centers,  download their contact details using Excel format (CSV), and continue to work with this data in your CRM system. You can also search for sites that are based on certain technologies. For example, you can collate a selection of all dental clinics’ sites based on WordPress.

 Working with our service is very simple. Just type the query in the search box, for example, "Online store". Then choose a search location (site title, site description, etc.). The system will find suitable sites according to your request quickly. Usually, all companies record their profile in the title of their website, so search results will be very relevant. Please, have a look at the ready-made databases of companies (for example, the database of all Online stores or Wholesale companies)  to understand how the search results will look like. You can order complex or combined queries to refine the result.

Our service provides automatic (and continuous) parsing of contact information, including e-mails, phone numbers, etc. through all meaningful pages of all websites around the world (except for several countries).  We validate all the collected information (for example, we check corporate email addresses, etc.) and improve it using various other sources. Please note that under the applicable legislation of a number of countries, a phone number is not considered personal data without disclosing other identification data of the owner. Our service collects contact information only from legal entities (companies) freely available on the Internet. Email is also considered as personal data only in conjunction with other personal data that allows you to identify the person owning this email. We do parsing of emails only from the contact sections of the sites, and therefore emails fail to meet the definition of personal data. 

Yes, our robots are working 24×7, constantly updating the information. Surely, no one is immune from errors, but we are constantly improving our algorithms to reduce the "garbage data" in the search results as much as possible.

Yes. To do this, you need to log in to your Personal account and then save your selected search query ("Search Parameters" -> "Save"). You can save as many search queries as you want. After payment, you can download them in Microsoft Excel (CSV) format from your personal account.

Yes. Our business is not about hacking websites or passwords, etc. Our robots operate absolutely identical to Google or Yandex systems - they collect and analyze public domain information that is published on the websites of companies. If you believe that the information collected should be deleted, please follow the guidelines provided on this page. We respect your personal data, even if it has been published in the public domain knowingly.

You can use the service absolutely free of charge as much as you want. Using your personal account (that you are getting upon registration) you can save search queries, share them with your colleagues, etc. We do charge fees for downloading the data in Excel format so that you can continue to work with it in your CRM system. Please check our rates.

This happens automatically, but it may take some time (up to a month).

We have compiled a separate section, you can find it here. It contains a detailed description of the procedure on how to change the data.

Yes. We automatically determine the language of the site (among the most popular languages in the world) and store the data in the relevant database. You can search using English, Russian, German, and other languages. This will allow you to make a more accurate data set. For example, you can find the websites of all legal firms (with contact details) in English and/or in German, etc.

Using HTML search, you can search for sites that have some specific services. For example, you can find all the sites where the code of the online chat you are looking for is installed. Or you can capture a set of sites running a certain CMS system. Moreover, you can combine search queries and find all the dental clinics using the analytics system that you need.

Unfortunately, we can't help with that. We collect only public contact information that the site owner has consciously published in the relevant sections of his Internet resource.

Yes! Upon selecting the appropriate set of sites and requesting to download it in Excel format (through your personal account) you will get everything you need to import the information into any CRM system. We provide several options for downloading to simplify the import process.

Unfortunately, we can't help you with that. Our services concern searching and structuring the data only. Please note that such mailing may be qualified as illegal advertising (SPAM).

No. Our search robots do not create any "unwanted" traffic, because we parse literally 3-4 pages on your site, and we do it no more than once a month. Believe me, you just won't notice it!

For the moment, we are parsing around 250 million domain names through all popular domain zones. Every day this number increases by 100,000 domains, approximately.