Continuous improvement of our service is the main objective. On the right side, you will find the major stages of our project. We do not record small improvements as we publish only significant changes in the functionality of our service.

Support for major world languages

We implemented support for all major languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.) in our search queries so that users can search for sites around the world in different languages. For example, you can make a database of all dental clinics in German or Spanish language. Or you can find all the restaurants with websites in Portuguese.

Plan for September-October 2021

Searching through all sites in the world

Now you can search for +250 million sites from all over the world. Yes, that's how many domains have been registered in the world. Our robots crawl all operating sites and collect contact information there. Every day the number of domains increases by 100’000 !

Aug 2021

Rating of company websites

We've added a ranking for each site that shows the reliability of the resource indirectly. We've improved the identification of the site (company) business segment.

Ranking technique July 2021

Site technologies

Another improvement - parsing of technologies being used on sites. Now you can easily fetch sites that use certain technologies.

All WordPress sites June 2021

Downloading data in Excel format

Now you can download the data that you've found using a convenient MS Excel format that is adapted for import into any CRM system. 

Rates May 2021